Valvoline Full Synthetic and Conventional Oil Change Prices

Valvoline Prices Oil Change

Valvoline provides an assortment of products designed to keep your car running at
optimal performance, such as conventional lubricants and synthetic blends, full
synthetic oils, and high mileage oils.

Synthetic oils provide much better engine protection. They are more thermally
resistant and help prevent engine sludge. Valvoline Prices Oil Change

High-Mileage Synthetic Oil

High-mileage motor oil contains special additives designed to protect engine seals,
prolong their use and reduce leakages while simultaneously cleaning carbon and
sludge deposits from engines.

High mileage synthetic oils tend to have lower viscosities than their conventional
and synthetic blend counterparts, enabling easier engine flow and thermal
resistance. Furthermore, these high mileage oils typically don’t thicken or thin as
easily under heat stress – providing more stability in their performance and

Full-synthetic oil may be more costly than synthetic blend, but the extra costs could
be worth the greater performance advantages it provides your vehicle. Plus,
extended oil changes could save money overall.

Mobil 1 high-mileage synthetic oil with MaxLife is an excellent choice for older
vehicles, featuring low viscosity that allows easier engine movement and reduces
leakages. Furthermore, its vast selection of viscosities gives this oil its strong
reputation. Valvoline Prices Oil Change

Valvoline Prices Oil Change
Valvoline Prices Oil Change

Full Synthetic Oil

Full synthetic oil is designed for long-term protection and should help to minimize
engine deposits over time. If you drive more than 5,000 miles each year, upgrading
to this type of oil could be worthwhile.

Mobil 1 SynPower oil offers an advanced defense against engine stress by fighting
three of its primary causes. Furthermore, its seal conditioner protects rubber seals to
help stop oil leakage while lasting anti-wear additives provide extra longevity
compared to conventional oils.

Castrol’s full synthetic oil is another highly recommended option, specially
formulated to keep your engine clean while protecting it against heat, wear, heavy
driving damage and better cold weather performance. Featuring premium anti-wear
additives that resist oil breakdown 10-times better than industry standards as well
as deposits that could lead to sludge formation, Castrol full synthetic oil offers
excellent engine protection at an excellent value. Valvoline Prices Oil Change

High-Performance Oil

High-performance oil is a full synthetic engine oil designed to provide superior
protection in harsh conditions such as high temperatures and heavy loads, such as
extreme temperatures or high amounts of dust. Its additives help reduce engine
wear, prevent oxidation and provide additional ZDDP for additional anti-wear
protection – these features often make this motor oil ideal for racing vehicles; Mobil
1’s products can often be seen among cars from different manufacturers.

Valvoline and Mobil 1 offer engine oils suitable for a range of engines. Their products
can be found suitable for diesel, gasoline, and turbocharged engines; in addition
they meet or exceed ILSAC GF-6 standards intended to enhance fuel economy. It
should be noted, however, that fuel economy depends on many other factors
beyond engine oil brand choice, including driving habits and maintenance practices;
so brand doesn’t play as significant a role than expected in improving economy;
instead it is important to abide by manufacturer recommended maintenance
schedule and oil type recommendations for optimal fuel economy results. Valvoline Prices Oil Change

Valvoline Prices Oil Change
Valvoline Prices Oil Change

Conventional Oil

Valvoline provides drivers and their cars with a selection of motor oil options
designed to meet the individual needs and vehicles they drive. Conventional oil is
generally the least costly choice and best suited to most vehicles; for higher mileage
vehicles however, High Mileage or Full Synthetic oils provide greater engine
protection with extended service lives.

These oils contain additives designed to shield your car against heat, wear and
internal engine deposits – as well as provide high temperature/cold start protection
that improves fuel efficiency.

Your vehicle type also affects the price of an oil change service; larger engines need
more oil, which raises its costs.

Your local Valvoline mechanics will go over all available oil options with you and
recommend what would work best for your vehicle. Be sure to listen carefully as
these professionals are highly trained and qualified – plus, they may offer additional
services such as tire rotations or battery replacement. Valvoline Prices Oil Change

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