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Valvoline Oil Change Rates

Valvoline is one of the top-selling oil change companies globally. Their services
include providing premium oils and filters, air filter replacements, transmission fluid
exchanges, wiper blade replacements and fuel system cleanings.

Their stay-in-car oil change service is quick, easy, and convenient – using only highquality
products from certified technicians at competitive rates without
compromising the quality of care provided. valvoline oil change rates

valvoline oil change rates
valvoline oil change rates


Valvoline prices its oil changes according to several variables, such as engine type
and amount of oil needed. Conventional motor oil typically offers the least expensive
option while high mileage/synthetic blend oils can cost more. Furthermore, prices
can differ based on location.

Valvoline Oil Change Centers have over 1,400 locations nationwide and offer quality
oil changes at slightly higher prices than Jiffy Lube’s, but provide access to premium
oils and filters with their selection. Furthermore, their service features both an 18-
point inspection as well as multipoint vehicle checks.

Valvoline technicians offer more than just oil changes; they offer tire rotations,
battery replacements and install new wiper blades as part of routine vehicle
maintenance services. In addition, customer service ratings at this business average
out at an impressive 4.6 stars on Groupon and other websites. valvoline oil change rates

valvoline oil change rates
valvoline oil change rates

Oil type

Valvoline provides an array of motor oils designed to meet your vehicle’s specific
needs, from high mileage oils for older cars to detergents and seal conditioners that
prevent leaks and corrosion. Their extensive selection allows drivers to find an
appropriate motor oil.

Your choice of oil will influence the price of service at Valvoline. Their standard oil
change includes 5 quarts, which should cover most vehicles. If additional quarts are
required, however, they will charge per additional quart added to your order.

Size can also play a factor when it comes to oil changes; larger engines typically
need more oil than their smaller counterparts and, thus, increasing costs. You can
avoid this situation by consulting your vehicle owner’s manual in order to ascertain
how many quarts your vehicle requires so you can select an economical alternative. valvoline oil change rates

valvoline oil change rates
valvoline oil change rates


Valvoline Instant Oil Change is an auto-service center chain offering premium oil
changes and car maintenance services at convenient locations worldwide. In
addition, they sell motor oils, filters and servicing chemicals from their extensive
product lineup; offering their service at over 1,400 locations worldwide.

Valvoline oil changes vary in cost depending on the type and quantity of oil required.
Five quarts are usually adequate, although certain engines require more. To avoid
incurring extra fees, drivers should refer to their owner’s manual in order to
ascertain this information.

Valvoline’s Daily Protection synthetic blend was specifically created to guard your
engine daily against four of its major causes of breakdown: friction, heat, deposits
and contamination. It helps reduce engine wear, extend oil lifecycle and boost fuel
efficiency; composed from chemically modified petroleum components with
exceptional heat tolerance capabilities. valvoline oil change rates

valvoline oil change rates
valvoline oil change rates


Valvoline oil change prices depend on various factors. Your engine size, the type of
motor oil used and additional services such as tire rotation or headlight cleaning all
play a part. In general, most engines need about five quarts per change – this
amount typically is included as part of our service fee.

Valvoline provides a wide variety of motor oil solutions designed to offer different
levels of protection for your car. Conventional oils are the go-to choice, while
synthetic ones may save money by reducing friction and stopping sludge build-up.

Valvoline also provides its premium products alongside various services at its
locations, such as tire rotation and wiper blade replacement. While these additional
services may add to the total price of an oil change, they could provide valuable
additional safety and peace-of-mind benefits for customers. valvoline oil change rates

valvoline oil change rates
valvoline oil change rates
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