Valvoline Oil Change Price 2023-2

Valvoline Oil Change Prices 2023

Valvoline provides full-service oil changes that provide up to five quarts of oil, new
filters, multi-point inspection and offer warranties on engine work.

Other services they offer are wiper blade replacements to enhance visibility, air filter
replacements to increase fuel efficiency and transmission fluid exchanges to help
protect against engine damage. They have locations all across the U.S. Valvoline oil change prices 2023

Valvoline oil change prices 2023
Valvoline Prices Oil Change

Cost of oil

Valvoline provides many different oil types for customers’ vehicles ranging from
conventional, synthetic and high-mileage motor oils. Each has their own price point;
customers should choose one that best meets the needs and budget of their vehicle.
Furthermore, location can make an impactful difference as some areas may have
higher labor costs than others.

Valvoline technicians offer oil changes that go above and beyond what most car
dealerships can. An oil change with Valvoline involves swapping out your old engine
oil with fresh, premium Valvoline engine oil that helps protect against wear-and-tear
and increase engine lifespan; they will also change out your oil filter as per
manufacturer specifications as well as lubricate chassis components according to

Valvoline also offers other services besides oil changes, including wiper blade
replacements, air filter exchanges, transmission fluid exchanges and radiator fluid
changes to reduce costly repairs in the future. Plus they will check all your vehicle’s
fluid levels to make sure everything is up to par! Valvoline oil change prices 2023

Cost of labor

Valvoline provides an extensive array of oil change services. Beyond engine oil
changes, they provide replacement wiper blades, air filters and transmission fluid as
well as engine cleaning/flushing and radiator fluid replacement to prevent
overheating issues. Furthermore, battery replacements and multi-point vehicle
inspection are offered too.

The type of oil used in a vehicle can drastically change its price for an oil change.
Conventional motor oils tend to be cheaper, while synthetic blend and full-synthetic
oils tend to cost more and are best suited for high performance engines that tolerate
extreme temperatures and have longer average lifespans – not to mention they
provide greater engine protection!

Location can play an integral part in the cost of an oil change service center visit;
typically urban areas tend to be more costly. Furthermore, the type of vehicle has an
effect – larger vehicles often need additional quarts of oil which increases costs
during an oil change service visit. Valvoline oil change prices 2023

Valvoline oil change prices 2023

Cost of filter

Valvoline oil changes vary in cost depending on the type of oil that you select and
the quarts your vehicle requires, as well as your location; urban centers tend to
charge more for oil changes than rural ones.

Engine oil is essential in protecting and lubricating engine components and
preventing overheating, so having it regularly changed is recommended by your
car’s owner manual, but should at least once annually.

Valvoline provides more than just oil changes; we also provide preventive
maintenance services like tire rotation and battery replacement that can extend the
life and performance of your car, potentially saving money over time. Tiping
mechanics at Valvoline is entirely up to you – your choice. Valvoline oil change prices 2023

Cost of fluid replacement

Engine oil is essential to keeping your vehicle operating at peak performance,
lubricating and cooling its camshafts, bearings, crankshaft, cylinders and other
moving parts to work optimally and preventing wear-and-tear damage from heat or
pressure buildup. Regular oil changes should be performed according to your
owner’s manual – typically every 30,000 miles is recommended.

Other fluids in your car also need to be regularly changed, particularly those related
to transmission. Your transmission consists of complex clutches and gears that need
special fluid in order to operate smoothly; changing transmission fluid can be
expensive but is absolutely necessary in keeping your vehicle running efficiently.

Valvoline provides comprehensive services for your car, from air filter replacements
and fuel system cleaning, to radiator fluid exchanges and the replacement and
exchange of wiper blades and tire pressure changes. They will even check batteries,
power steering, serpentine belts and vehicle lights. Tipping mechanics is not
required but you may decline if asked. Valvoline oil change prices 2023

Valvoline oil change prices 2023
Valvoline Prices Oil Change

Valvoline oil change prices 2023

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